Column impact analysis

General SQL Parser is a Java/.NET library. It provides a rich set of APIs to parse, decode, analyze and rewrite SQL scripts. Supports more than 10 major database platforms.

In a data warehouse environment, An ETL progress is composed on many stored procedures. Scan those stored procedures and collecting data lineage to do column impact analysis is a valuable feature included in this SQL Parser library.

You may add this powerful feature to your product instantly by embedding this library into your own program. Or just use the standalone tool shipped together with this library to collect data lineage and do column impact analysis.

Please click here to find out how to collect data lineage in a data warehouse environment with focus primary on SQL script.

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Supported Database


Google BigQuery


Couchbase database


IBM DB2 database


EMC Greenplum


SAP Hana


hadoop hive




IBM Informix database


MySQL database


Netezza database


Openedge database


Oracle database


PostgreSQL database


Amazon redshift


Snowflake SQL


Spark SQL


Microsoft SQL Server database


Sybase database


Teradata database


Vertica database


Microsfot Office Access database