Praise for General SQL Parser

“ For a customer I just finished a larger data lineage project based on approx. 175 SQL files worth of 1 MB of disk space. At my recommentation GSP was used for parsing the SQL files and I didn't regret it. Starting from zero it took just 3 days to complete the code for analyzing all (partly extremely complex) SQLs and it was pure joy working with GSP.

In my opinion the reasons why GSP excels are:
1.It is very cleverly designed:
2.Its mixture of low-, mid- and high-level accessors to the parse tree satisfy any special need which may arise while making other task stunningly easy to accomplish.
3.The invention of the Meta-Database interface is a gem among gems.
4.It covers even the most exotic vendor-specific features (e.g. Oracle's Multicast).
5.It is very mature; one hardly ever finds something one could call a bug.
6.It comes with a plethora of instructive samples.
7.It is available for a lot of software platforms and database vendors.
8.It is extremely cheap.
9.Gudu Software has a very reasonable trial policy.
10.Gudu Software provides excellent support
 10.1 even samples are enhanced upon request
 10.2 and this even before one licensed the software
 10.3 new features are added most willingly
 10.4 help for properly using the API is provided too (most other companies don't)
 10.5 and all this is mostly provided within a few days

Congratulations to all designers, implementors and the support staff! ”

— Peter Denk


“ It’s doing an awesome jobs, and save us at least hundred hours in dev’ time ”

— Jean-Pierre Deschamps


“ I looked at writing my own definitions for antlr and javacc. I looked all over for others too, but yours was so incredibly easy to plug-in that nothing else really compared. All I wanted to do was validate the syntax of large strings of sql via a servlet without connecting to the database. Gsp did the trick! ”

— Katie Eloe   


“ Well, we are in the business of Data Migration, Conversion... We want all our SQL files to be in the same Format (PrettyPrint) And we want to know the tables and fields used in all our queries..(GetDBObjects) Works pretty good!!! ”

— Sander Hoogenberg


“ I am very impressed with how easy it was to use. I managed to create within 30 minutes a solution to the problem I was looking to solved with your component. ”

— Palle Cogburn


“ I struggled a bit trying to extract parameter values from Sql strings, but found some code on the message board and it seems to work. I would think that this request is pretty common and the code seems a bit involved. Overall library is really powerful and I am probably under utilizing it. ”

— Paul Bebelos   



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