Customized Service for SQL Parser

General SQL Parser is a powerful SQL processing component, and flexible enough to deal with SQL parsing, modification, translation, formatting and analysis tasks. The complexity of your task varies depending on what you want to achieve. To help you fully take advantage of this SQL parser library, we have created lots of demos here.

If you are interested in incorporating the General SQL Parser into your project but need certain features added on, we would gladly create, at a reasonable price, a customized version of this component or help you embed this library into your project. Alternatively, if you are unsure whether or not this program is for you, our tech support staff can also help you determine that. Please feel free to contact us for the inquires mentioned above or any other assistance you may need.


Supported Database


Google BigQuery


Couchbase database


IBM DB2 database


EMC Greenplum


SAP Hana


hadoop hive




IBM Informix database


MySQL database


Netezza database


Openedge database


Oracle database


PostgreSQL database


Amazon redshift


Snowflake SQL


Spark SQL


Microsoft SQL Server database


Sybase database


Teradata database


Vertica database


Microsfot Office Access database
Download General SQL Parser